Student Council

Forest Institute's Student Council officers and representatives are elected annually by the student body at large. These representatives serve as liaisons with various faculty and administrative committees, advocating student perspectives in planning and decision-making activities. This level of representation affords numerous opportunities for student input and feedback about program-related matters.

Officers of the Council meet regularly with members of administration to ensure timely dissemination of information and changes to the student body. The Council holds monthly meetings and sponsors several functions throughout the year. These functions are intended to offer support and encouragement for students, as well as provide opportunities for socialization. The Student Activity Fee supports Student Council activities and is assessed to all students in each semester of enrollment. The fee amount is established by Student Council and cannot be waived or refunded.

Offices of the Student Council are located in the Student Lounge, and are open to all students according to the posted schedule.

Representatives and Officers may be reached by phone at 417-823-3453 or via e-mail at

Officer Names

Faculty Sponsor – Marci Kirkup

President: Hannah Harris

Vice President: Jennifer Halpin

Secretary: Shelby Perkins

Treasurer: Brent Huber

Community Outreach Chair: Maranda Upton

Social Chair: Jennifer Halpin



MFT Rep: Daniel Pomerlau

MACL Rep: Jasmine Pollom

MACP Reps: Karissa Knight and Ashley Lamb


PsyD 1st year Rep: Jessica Nilson

PsyD 2nd year Rep: Lindsay Vo

PsyD 3rd/4th year Rep: Jolyn Pinamonti