Transfer Credit Policy

The maximum total of transferred semester credit hours for the PsyD program is 36*.

*Students may only apply 15 credit hours toward the en route MACL degree.

Transfer credit fees are $100 per course and will be applied to the student’s account during the first enrolled semester/trimester.

1. Transfer of Credits at the Time of Matriculation to Forest
Complete requests for transfer of credit will be considered once a student has received a letter of acceptance into a program. Only graduate level coursework completed prior to matriculation will be considered for transfer credit. All requests for transfer must be submitted no later than 60 days
following matriculation. A complete transfer credit request is one where the student has submitted all required documentation in a timely fashion.
all required documentation in a timely fashion.

To initiate the process of consideration for transfer of credits, a student must submit the following:

  • Transfer credit request form (available at, to the Office of Admissions, detailing the courses they wish to transfer and the equivalent course at Forest (title and course number).
  • A copy of the course description from the academic catalog of the institution where the
  • course was completed.
  • A copy of the syllabus from the course for which transfer credit is sought.
  • Table of contents from any textbook used in the course.
  • An official transcript from the institution where the course(s) was completed. The transcript must show the student’s final grade for the course. If this was previously submitted with the student’s application, the student does not need to submit it again.

The Office of Admissions will determine which courses completed by the student require additional documentation for a decision, if any. In the event a student is requested to submit additional information, the Office of Admissions will notify the student. Upon notification, a student may be asked to submit course-related materials relevant to the transfer decision, including but not limited to the table of contents for assigned text(s), course notes, slides, copies of course assignments completed, handouts from the course, lists of additional readings, etc. Students are encouraged to submit as much course material as possible to support their transfer credit request.

2. Parameters for accepting transfer credit:
  • Courses completed in an undergraduate program may not be transferred for credit in any graduate program at Forest.
  • Courses must have been completed in a graduate program that maintains an accredited status with one of the accrediting bodies recognized by the Council for Higher Education
  • Accreditation. Regional accreditation of the institution where the course was taken (at the time the course was completed) is preferred.
  • Courses completed more than five years prior to the date of transfer request may not be transferred for credit to any graduate program at Forest. Courses completed with a "pass”, "satisfactory”, or similar grade will be considered for transfer, but the transfer request is less likely to be granted for these courses than courses completed with a letter grade. For courses with letter grades, the student must have earned at least a "B” for the course to be considered for transfer credit.
  • The course content must be equal and similar to the Forest course offering. Prior courses are evaluated for transfer credit based on whether the student intends to apply the credit to a master’s or doctoral program at Forest.
  • Courses completed in a psychology doctoral degree program that did not have APA accreditation at the time the course was completed are considered on an individual basis and are rarely accepted.
  • Transfer credit decisions are determined based on information provided by the student. Forest is not responsible for independently researching courses submitted in a transfer request. The student submitting the request must respond in a timely manner to requests for additional information. Transfer requests may be delayed or denied if necessary information is not supplied by the student.

3. Transfer Credit Process
The Office of Admissions will forward complete transfer requests to the Enrollment Counselor and Curriculum Committee, which must approve all transfer requests. The Curriculum Committee will send a written recommendation to the program Dean recommending or denying the transfer of course credit(s) within 30 days of receiving the request for review. The student will be notified of the decision within 60 days of submitting the completed request. Students who receive transfer credit will still be expected to sit for and pass comprehensive exams at Forest and will be solely responsible for any material covered in the course offered by Forest.

4. Transfer of Practicum Credit
Students enrolling in a degree program at Forest are not allowed to transfer clinical practicum credit earned at another institution. There are several reasons why Forest has taken this position on the transfer of practicum credit. Expectations for practicum responsibilities and clinical supervision can
be markedly different in master’s degree programs relative to an APA-approved doctoral program in clinical psychology. Practicum in the doctoral program at Forest is focused on preparing a student for internship. Experience has shown that students who transfer practicum credit to our PsyD
program face additional challenges when applying for internship. In terms of evaluation, we simply have less opportunity to evaluate these students over time with regard to our core clinical competencies.