Forest Unites In Stopping Homophobic Bullying to LGBTQ Youth

On Wednesday, October 20th, 2010, members of the Forest community participated in "Wear Pink and Purple Day" to show solidarity in stopping the homophobic abuse experienced by LGBTQ individuals at home, in school and in the larger society. Pink promotes bullying awareness and prevention in our schools, homes, workplaces and the Internet; Purple has long been a symbol for the LGBTQ community that represents spirit and pride. Students, faculty, staff and administration gathered at noon time to reflect on the young men and women who have turned to suicide as a solution to homophobic abuse experienced at home and school, and to promote increase awareness of resources and support for such individuals.
Forest Institute President Mark Skrade, PsyD, also issued the following statement, "On this day we give our attention to and support for LGBTQ individuals and the injustices directed toward them. For one to resort to taking one's own life as a means to relief and peace from the horrific and unbearable pain one experiences is a tragedy of immeasurable proportion. I look forward to a day when we no longer have the need to bring individual or collective attention to discriminations of any kind."
Members of the Gays, Lesbians and Everybody Else (GLEE) Student Group co-sponsored the event along with the Office of Student and Alumni Affairs. Pink/purple ribbons were displayed and testimonies were read of youth who have experienced bullying and related homophobic abuse.