Forest Students Win at MHCC Conference

The Forest Institute's Mental Health & Corrections Conference was held in Chicago for the first time.  Previously held in Kansas City, conference attendance increased by 40%.  
While 11 Forest Institute students won awards, congratulations are in order to student 
Rich Mulreninn for winning the $1,000 prize for top poster award. Other award winning students include Megan O'Grady, Christine Biddle, Shannon Griswold, Merkieann Burton, Laura Henry, Stacy Barham, Shawna Baron, Jamie Bell, Julie Gouy, and Taylor Olson.
Forest students attending were Taylor Olson, Shannon Griswold, Shawna Baron, Julie Gouy, Jamie Bell, Tim Wilson, Christine Biddle, Megan O'Grady, Rich Mulrenin, Brandan Gremminger, Ashley Kopp, LuAnne Even, Merkieann Burton, Amanda Nelson, Cody Bond, and Chris Lorance.
Forest faculty attending and/or presenting were Dr. Mark Skrade, Dr. Jennifer Baker, Dr. Brad Powers, and Dr. William Robison.