Dr. Denney’s New Book Officially Released

Forest faculty member Dr. Robert Denney’s new book was officially released in June by Guilford Press. Clinical Neuropsychology in the Criminal Forensic Setting, edited by Robert L. Denney, PsyD, ABPP, ABPN, and James P. Sullivan, PhD, ABPP, focuses on neuropsychological assessment in the criminal forensic setting. The book provides clear guidelines regarding legal standards and assessment procedures.


One review of Dr. Denney’s book was provided by Kirk Heilbrun, PhD, Professor and Head of the Department of Psychology at Drexel University.


"Denney and his colleagues have provided a comprehensive, critical, and authoritative description of the area of forensic neuropsychology. They are to be congratulated. This book will be a welcome resource for those who teach, train, and practice in this area."

Congratulations, Dr. Denney, on a job well done!



Click HERE for a full description of the book, including contents and more reviews.



Other books by Dr. Denney:


Detection of Response Bias in Forensic Neuropsychology by Jim Hom and Robert L. Denney


Detection of Deception by Amy R. Boyd, Alix M Mclearen, Robert G. Meyer, and Robert L. Denney


Ethical Practice in Forensic Psychology: A Systematic Model for Decision Making by Shane S. Bush, Mary A. Connell, and Robert L. Denney