Forest Alumnus Helps Create PCP Wikipedia Page

On Thursday June 23, 2011 a new Wikipedia page emerged on the World Wide Web.  The page is dedicated to "primary care behavioral health."

Among those who created its content was Forest Alumnus Brian Sandoval.

Sandoval is currently serving his post-doctoral year with Access Community Health Centers in Madison, Wisconsin.

With the help of the clinic's director, Neftali Serrano, Sandoval and a team of eight others spent several months working out the information that would go into the page.

"There's been a lot of talk about primary care behavioral health, and we wanted people to understand what we do and what it looks like," said Sandoval.

Sandoval says the whole thing just started as an idea and then took off.  He was in charge of editing the sections for accuracy and content.

Dr. Serrano says utilizing Wikipedia was smart move on their behalf.

"Wikipedia articles have an interesting power to them in that they very quickly rise to the top of internet search queries, sometimes by design," said Serrano.  "This can be a very important way of raising awareness to integrated primary care."

Sandoval says it also gives those working in primary care a way to "educate mental health providers and physicians about what the model consists of."

This is important because, according to research, approximately half of all mental health care services are provided by a primary care physician.

What the Wikipedia page does is "consolidate all of the ideas that are out there in to one consistent form," said Sandovall.

Forest Institute is listed on the Wikipedia page as one of only a small hand-full of graduate schools in the country that offer this concentration.

To view all of the information put together by Sandoval and the team, click here.