Dr. Pietz Reports To Judge On Arizona Shooter's Competency

For Dr. Christina Pietz, the director of Forest's Forensic Psychology program, interviewing those charged with horrible crimes is just another day at the office, but recently one of her cases took on national attention.

Throughout much of March and April, Pietz's focus was on 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner.

Loughner is accused of shooting and wounding Representative Gabrielle Giffords and killing others at a campaign event in the representative's home state of Arizona.

In Springfield, Loughner spent a lot of time under the watch of Pietz, and underwent hours of interview with she and a colleague.

While, Pietz cannot comment on the case herself, she referred us to several news stories in which Judge Larry Burns commented about her findings.

According to the Associated Press the judge said, "Pietz concluded Loughner's thoughts are random and that he suffers from delusions. She noted Loughner gave nonsensical answers to questions and doesn't understand the role of judges or jurors."

To read more on what the judge had to say about Dr. Pietz's finding, check out one of the articles below.

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