Faculty Published on the NHMRC Website

Kristina S. Brown, PhD, LMFT, authored a tip sheet published on the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center website, titled In Sickness and In Health: Couples Fighting Cancer Together.

The tip sheet, which was published in December 2010, provides insight and tips for couples faced with the presence of cancer in their relationship. Dr. Brown contends that "cancer can be an experience of resiliency, bringing you and your partner closer together.”

The tip sheet provides suggestions, including becoming a medical team, renegotiating household roles, making intimacy a priority, adjusting your social life, forming a support network, practicing empathic listening, and discussing the future.

Dr. Brown also authored a companion tip sheet for Certified Family Life Educators, titled Helping Couples Cope with Cancer: Tips for Practitioners, which is soon to be published on the NHMRC website.

Dr. Brown is an Assistant Professor at The School of Professional Psychology at Forest Institute and the Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy program. She is also a practicing licensed marriage and family therapist.

To view the tip sheet, visit http://www.healthymarriageinfo.org or download it directly here.