Forest Students Make Cyber-Bullying Presentation

The last two years students within the Child and Adolescent concentration were invited to present on bullying to youth at a camp near Neosho, Missouri.

This year graduate students, Frances Mena and Amy Newton, volunteered to make the presentation.

"We helped them learn how telling a trusted adult about whats going on is the first step. We taught them about being able to block phone numbers from texts/phone calls, and how online social sites allow you to block people as well," said Mena.  "It was surprising to learn that about half of the kids had no idea that you could block people or numbers, so this was great for them to learn that they can take control of cyber bullying."

Around 20 children were present ranging from ages nine to 12.

Mena said the kids were active and talkative and they each presented great examples for discussion points.

Michael Leveque with the Murney Clinic said, "This was certainly a great experience for the children and our graduate providers represented the Murney Clinic very well."

"In the end we helped them learn that just because someone tells you something, doesn't make it true. Just because someone sends you an email doesn't mean you have to read it. The only regret I have is not having enough time to do more activities with them!  It really was a great experience," said Mena.