Alumnus Andrew Berry Is On The Fast Track To Success

Dr. Andrew Berry is a 2007 graduate of Forest Institute, and he is now happy to call himself a Board Certified Clinical Psychologist.

In a few short years, Berry has accomplished a lot.  That’s partially because he was the first person in the country to participate in the American Board of Professional Psychology’s early entry program.

According to ABPP’s website, graduate students, interns, and residents may apply for the program that puts you on the fast-track towards earning your board certification.

"I encourage everyone to look into it. It’s very doable. I applied to the program before I ever finished my residency,” said Dr. Berry.

To give you an idea of the speed of the process, Berry became a licensed psychologist in the state of New York in September of 2008.  Just eight months later, in May of 2009, he earned his board certification.

His success has created a buzz by the ABPP itself. Berry is now featured on the organization’s website as an example of someone who went through the program and showed what it takes to complete it. You can read what he has to say about the early entry program here.

Berry currently practices at the Post Graduate Center for Mental Health in New York City.

On top of his already busy schedule, Berry is also a 4th year candidate in interpersonal psychoanalysis at the William Alanson White Institute. Berry says he is on track to become certified in psychoanalysis by late spring of 2012.

He says his passion for psychoanalysis grew after looking at Sigmund Freud’s work in 1985.

"That was a rush that I’ve never felt before. I’m fascinated by the realm of the unconscious,” said Dr. Berry.

Berry notes that the newer model of psychoanalysis has proven much more effective than the older one because it takes into account the relationship between the patient and the analyst.

He says its enjoyable to work in this field because psychoanalysts rarely retire and that they only "get older and better at what they are doing.”

In reflecting on his time at Forest, Berry advises students to take a proactive approach in their education, and more importantly their plans for post graduation.

He says luckily Forest "offers a great education on a day in the life of a clinical psychologist.”

On the home front, Berry’s wife Kimberly recently received her CPA license and he is now enjoying life as a daddy. In December of 2009, the couple welcomed their first-born, Sharra Lyyn Berry, into the world.