Current Forest student, Mandy McCorkindale assists in obtaining a $400,000, 4-year grant

Mandy McCorkindale recently assisted the Community Health Resource Center (a partnership between North Arkansas College and North Arkansas Regional Medical Center) in Harrison, Arkansas, in obtaining a nearly $400,000, 4-year grant through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to fund an initiative to reverse childhood obesity. The grant that Mandy assisted in writing was a project she undertook as part of Dr. Brad Powers' Consultation and Education course in the Spring of 2009. The initiative was one of 41 selected from 540 partnerships submitting brief proposals, 105 submitting full proposals, and 63 participating in site interviews. The CHRC's project was selected based on the following factors:
  • a commitment to reversing the childhood obesity epidemic in low-income, vulnerable populations where the risk of obesity is greatest;
  • an understanding of and a commitment to implementing policy and environmental change strategies with the potential to impact healthy eating and/or active living;
  • a strong partnership, lead agency and individual leadership with experience and the capacity to engage in this challenging and important work;
  • engagement and/or connections with community members most impacted by the initiative;
  • an ambitious but feasible preliminary work plan;
  • a reasonable budget (including cash and/or in-kind support) relative to the project scope.