Faculty, Staff and Students Presenting at the Missouri Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Annual Spring Conference

Faculty, Staff and Students are presenting at the Missouri Association for Marriage and Family Therapy Annual Spring Conference in St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday, March 29th, 2008.

The Department of Marriage and Family Therapy at Forest Institute is proud to share that the following abstracts have been accepted as presentations at the Missouri Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Annual Spring Conference on March 29, 2008 in St. Louis, Missouri:
  • Taking it to the Streets: Implementing a Grant Curriculum by Jennifer Baker, Psy.D. and Kristina S. Brown, Ph.D.
  • Chronic Illness and the Effect on a Couple’s Intimate Relationship by Kristina S. Brown, Ph.D.
  • The Use of Creative Application in Teaching Ethics to Marriage and Family Therapists by Kristina S. Brown, Ph.D., Kelly Finch, B.A., Devin Poe, B.A., Kristy Krueger, B.A., and Ashley Ray, B.S.
  • Engaging and Retaining Participants through Dynamic Presentations by Deborah Calhoun, MA, Anthony Larson, M.A., Dana Sweat, B.A., and Taylor Garboski, B.S.
  • The Necessity for Psychoeducational Training in Stepfamily Formation by Brandi Noirfalise, B.S. and Donna Aldridge, B.S.
  • Hitched and Happy: Relationship Education for Good Ole Boys by Jennifer Baker, Psy.D., Anthony Larson, M.A., and Rachel Johnson, B.A.
  • New Thoughts on Working with Families Dealing with Disabilities by Donna Aldridge, B.S. and Brandi Noirfalise, B.S.
  • Parent Child Interactive Therapy – PCIT: A Therapy for Behaviorally Disordered Children by Cheryl Thornton, Psy.D.

 The following abstracts were accepted as poster presentations:

  • Marital Quality in Same-Faith and Interfaith Marriages by Anthony Larson, M.A.
  • A Graduate Student Perspective of Working on a Healthy Marriage Grant by Renae Courtney, B.A., Dana Sweatt, B.A., Anthony Larson, M.A., Rachel Johnson, B.A., and Robert Mindrup, MSW
  • Familial Patterns and Treatments for Eating Disorders by Michaela Muehlbach, B.A.