Dr. King Helps Select MOPA’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award Winner

Dr. Robert King, Forest’s Murney Clinic Director, visits and evaluates businesses competing for the Missouri Psychology Association’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award. He became interested in the award through his general interest in business consulting. After attending a presentation at the 2006 APA conference in New Orleans, he contacted then President of MOPA, Dr. Vetta Thompson, to see what he could do to help promote the award in the state of Missouri. He was placed on a site visiting evaluation team that helped evaluate a small business in West Plains, Mo.
In June 2008, at the MOPA Convention, Missouri’s first Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award was presented to FundRaiser Software of West Plains, Mo. FundRaiser Software was recognized for the quality of communication and employee involvement in decision making at the company. In addition, FundRaiser actively supports work-life balance providing options for flex-time and an on-site childcare resource when school is not in session. The company supports employee growth and development through opportunities for training and promotion. In addition, employees and management are respectful of one another and seem to genuinely care for and support each other in and outside of the workplace.
 One note that Dr. King made on his site visit evaluation form that turned out to summarize the work environment created by the owners, Gene and Marcy Weinbeck, was the following statement, “You don’t have to lose a part of yourself when you go to work, people are whole all the time and should be treated that way”-Gene and Marcy Weinbeck (owners of FundRaiser Software, West Plains, Mo). He said the spirit of the statement seemed to be infused in all aspects of the business operation. They truly showed that they cared about their employee’s welfare. The statement was also supported by the formal feedback that the employees submitted through the evaluation process.  
 What is less known about the team’s statewide efforts with this award is that businesses can request an evaluation based on the psychologically healthy workplace award criteria  to be used as a gauge of how they are doing, regardless of their level of interest in applying for the award. The award is based on many years of research on organizational and occupational health and effectiveness. For example, a group of authors from St. Louis University published a review that synthesized much of the previous research linking healthy workplace practices in organizations to employee well-being and organizational improvements such as absenteeism, turnover, cost savings, and more.
He said, “As the Clinic Director, I view the award as one means for positioning our clinic as a meaningful resource to local business and industry through direct promotion of an award that recognizes psychological health and prevention in the workplace.”
 Congratulations on being selected, Dr. King!
 For more information on the award and its criteria, please click HERE.