Meet Tumurchudur Bayanbileg

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are from.

My name is Tumurchurur, but you can call me Tume. I am from Mongolia which is in central Asia bordered by Russia and China.

I have two bachelor's degrees, one from Mongolia, and one from Japan

What made you choose Forest Institute over other institutions?

it was three reasons. I chose Forest because of the Clinic for practicum, and the Clinical Psychology program because I wanted to pursue my doctorate, but I wasn't sure if I want to get a master's degree, so the Clinical Psychology program was very good for me. I can do both if I want!

And then the admissions counselor was very supportive and helpful. I called so many schools before I decided to come to Forest. Some of them were unfriendly, But the Forest admission counselor was very friendly. I had questions about many things, and he always returned my emails.

How does this program compare to your expectations?

It's more than my expectations. I wanted 'hands on' training. When I go back to Mongolia and work as a therapist, I wanted to have actual knowledge to work in the field. Forest's focus on practicum and training is excellent for me.

Are there any particular challenges you’ve encountered?

Yes, absolutely. Because of my English, it has been challenging. The faculty has been very helpful. They are caring people. I was worried about starting a graduate program in English, but it isn't too much of a problem now.


Do you have a moment in your academic career at Forest that you are proud of?

Yes, learning Psychology is something you can apply to yourself. I'm beginning to recognize many things, becoming more aware of diversity, multiculturalism, and understanding other people.


Do you have any "words of wisdom” for individuals considering graduate school (or your chosen concentration)?

The work may be challenging, but it's a wonderful thing. Don't be scared, just go for it!

What is your favorite restaurant in Springfield?

Yes, Gem of India. I like their Lamb Biryani, It's very good.


What is the one thing everyone should do in Springfield, and why?

I think everyone should go to the antique shops. It's brilliant in Springfield, there are many antique shops, and it's like a museum or art gallery.


Best thing to do on a cheap date in Springfield?

My favorite thing is to go to the movies. Springfield has a very cheap cinema called the Palace. It's only $3.50. It's the most inexpensive movie I've ever been to!