Bradley A. Scott
Library Services Manager
(417) 893-7946

Bradley A. Scott has a bachelor of arts degree from Baylor University, with majors in history, English and journalism, and a master's degree in library science from the University of North Texas. He has loved libraries of all kinds since childhood, and has wide experience in providing research assistance and building library collections in both public and academic environments. He reviews books for Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Foreword and Railroad History, and finds it mildly disconcerting to write about himself in the third person.

Leslie Hayes
Library Assistant
(417) 893-7945

Leslie has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing, a Master of Arts in English (Literature emphasis) from Missouri State University, and a Master of Arts in Information Science & Learning Technologies from University of Missouri-Columbia. She is a fan of fiction, especially Science Fiction and fantasy, but can't resist a good book of knitting patterns. She has an interest in creating safe spaces in libraries and hopes that libraries continue to evolve into dynamic areas for community interaction. She'll post a picture in the near future.