St. Louis Site

The Forest Library in Springfield serves as the library for students in the St. Louis program. The St. Louis site does not have a permanent library collection.


Copies of required course textbooks and other reserve materials are sent to the site prior to the beginning of each term for students to use. They are returned at the end of the term.


Using the SWAN or MOBIUS library catalog, St. Louis students can request a book and have it sent to the St. Louis site via the MOBIUS courier service or to another pickup location in the St. Louis area. The courier service makes stops twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays at the Golfview building. You will receive an email notification when the book arrives and can be checked out.


The course textbook list for St. Louis classes is posted on the library website and in the Master's community on Edvance360. You can purchase textbooks locally or through the Student Book Exchange, Forest's official bookstore. SBX can ship your textbooks to you via mail.


Students can search the Forest Library Catalog, online databases and other subscribed resources by accessing the library home page.


You may be asked to authenticate yourself if you access subscribed resources while using a computer at the St. Louis site. If the library proxy server prompts you for your Forest network credentials, enter them to be connected to the subscribed resource.


For any library-related questions, please contact the St. Louis Front Desk Office Assistant or us. If you would like research assistance, please review our Research Help page, contact the librarian directly, or request a research consultation.


The library also participates in the Forest orientation for new St. Louis students. For more information, please see Library Orientation for St. Louis students.