ILL - How Long Does It Take?

Interlibrary Loan Policy


Our turnaround can average up to 4 days for an article request or 7-10 days for a book request. The turnaround for a request is based on the time that elapses between placing a request for your item in OCLC and when the item is "checked in" (after being received via email, fax or mail). Our library has no control over how long a lender may take to process the request.

Why does it take so long?

Delays (up to 24 hours) can be caused by submitting an unverified ILL request. See ILL Verification page for more information. Our first concern is processing requests that need to be requested on ILL.
After your ILL request has been submitted to us, it will be reviewed by a library staff member. Occasionally, we will find full text available on the public web. In these cases, we will email you the link to the full text item. Links to Google Scholar are provided in EBSCO databases if you would like to check for full text for your item on your own. This step is not required prior to submitting your request.
You will be notified via email if the item you requested is ...
  • Available in our book collection or requestable in SWAN or MOBIUS
  • Available full text via the E-Journal Portal or 360 Link
  • Available in our print journal collection
  • In a foreign language (we will await your go-ahead BEFORE requesting the item)
  • A dissertation (we will await your go-ahead BEFORE requesting the item)
  • Costly (we will discuss options with you BEFORE requesting the item)

What can the library do to speed up this process?

The Library emails to you any ILL articles we receive electronically from lenders. We also request that lenders who mail article copies use first class instead of library rate. Our goal for average turnaround time for articles is four days or less.

What can I do to speed up the process and get my article faster?

  • Verify your citation first (see the ILL Verification page)
  • Check your email regularly for ILL articles or for notifications or questions from staff
  • Respond promptly if you receive any questions from ILL staff
  • Pick up your article promptly after notification (if it must be delivered to you in hard copy)