ILL - Requesting Materials

Interlibrary Loan Policy

What Materials May Be Requested?

Requests can be submitted for books, periodical articles, dissertations, and other kinds of research materials that are not part of the library holdings.


Dissertations can be borrowed one at a time. If you plan on requesting more than one, please submit the citations in priority order. Keep in mind that a dissertation's loan period is usually short and may not be renewable.

What Materials Cannot Be Requested?

The following materials are often not lent by a library:

  • Entire volumes/issues of periodicals
  • Rare books and manuscripts
  • Reference books
  • Test kits or manuals
  • Sound recordings, cassettes, films, and videos
A lending library can also place restrictions on our ability to borrow by refusing to lend non-circulating materials (such as dissertations), refusing to renew material already on loan or withholding permission to photocopy an article (perhaps due to copyright restrictions).

How Many Items Can I Request at a Time?

Users should refrain from submitting a large number of requests at one time. Users are encouraged to prioritize requests so that their most important requests are handled first. The library reserves the right to limit the processing of ILL requests to 5 per day per user (or 20 per week per user) to ensure fair access to ILL services for all users.

What Should I Do Before Placing a Request?

Before placing a request, users are expected to verify whether an item is already accessible by using available tools such as the library catalog, E-Journal Portal or 360 Link. For further information on how to verify a request, please see the ILL Verification page on the Library website or seek guidance from library staff.
If a user frequently submits ILL requests without verification, the library will request a meeting with the student and his/her advisor to discuss the matter further.

How Do I Submit a Request?

  • First Choice. If you are searching a library database, click on the Create ILL Request link in the database record or in the 360Link results window.
  • Second Choice. If you have a PMID or DOI number, go to the Citation Linker Form. Fill in the PMID or DOI number. Click on the Create ILL Request link in the 360Link results window.
  • Third Choice. Complete the online ILL Request Form for Books or Articles.
  • Fourth Choice. E-mail the database citation to Include your name and email address.