Grey Literature


Grey Literature Collection (New York Academy of Medicine)
Description: The New York Academy of Medicine Library's catalog indexes new grey literature publications in health services research or selected public health topics.


Please see our Find Dissertations page for comprehensive information on how to locate dissertations.

Government and Technical Reports

Description: Search the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications for publications or reports (technical or otherwise) that are issued by a government agency.
Description: Search for technical reports which are government-funded. Useful for scientific, technical, engineering, and business topics.

Preprint Archives

Description: "Free, full-text e-print archive of published, peer-reviewed journal postprints plus prepublication unrefereed preprints in the cognitive sciences, covering psychology, behavioral biology, computer science, linguistics, medicine (e.g. psychiatry), neuroscience, philosophy and related disciplines." -- CogPrints home page
Description: Promotes the rapid dissemination of new work in the field for scholarly historians and theoreticians of psychology.
Description: Comprehensive science-specific search engine which indexes 693,000 e-prints from and 3,400 e-prints from Cogprints.

Tests and Measures

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