The Toast of Dr. David Mrad

The 2011 Toast of Forest honored Dr. David Mrad.  His accomplishments and warm welcoming attitude are among many of the things people commented on during the Friday luncheon.  Below are just a few things said by students, faculty, and staff.

"I was actually interviewed by Dr. Mrad, so I can competently say that he is one of the reasons I am here today," said Ben Hunter.

"I really appreciate that you are caring and genuine in your excitement for sharing in our experiences as we work with our clients," said Emily Rademan as she described working with Dr. Mrad as a practicum supervisor.

"One thing I really appreciate about Dr. Mrad is his ability to go above and beyond.  Just last week I was talking to him about a research article and he had a PowerPoint about it, so I was able to get my own private lesson about that topic," said Antoni Hanigan.

"I appreciate Dr. Mrad's humor through our theories class, and as a supervisor I appreciated his patience with us as we came into our first rotation at the clinic," said Kate Higgins.

"He's always been such a good sport.  He's always been willing to help whenever I've had questions or I've had concerns," said Bethany Ritter.

"You have become deeply involved with the student body, and have done tremendous work.  Nobody deserves this more.  It's been awesome to have you as a colleague.  They couldn't have picked anyone better for this honor," said Dr. William Robison.

Additionally there was a story about Dr. Mrad playing Santa Clause and the joy he brought to the children of a local school, but this one is probably worth asking about in person.

Then, after all of the compliments ceased, Dr. Mrad stood to say his own bit about working at Forest.  As he held up his St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championship t-shirt he remarked about what a great week it had been for him.  Yet, with his usual humbleness he spent the next few minutes thanking those he worked with, his wife, and his students for the experiences they have shared.

"This is really as good as it gets.  I want to thank all of you for this honor," said Dr. Mrad as he finished his speech.

Mrad received a certificate of appreciation from the Student Council as the honoree of the 2011 Toast of Forest.

From the entire Forest Institute family, congratulations Dr. Mrad!

Below are a few pictures from the Toast of Forest.  Click a thumb to view a larger image and the slide show.