Give A Day Breaks Volunteer Record for St. Jude Walk

A cold and windy Saturday morning was no match for the Forest Institute Give A Day team.

23 people from Forest showed up in their matching red t-shirts for the first St. Jude Give Thanks Walk at Jordan Valley Park.

The 5k was a fundraiser for the research hospital based in Memphis, TN, which provides free treatment to children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses while doing research to battle those diseases.

This Give A Day event was special because not only did participants volunteer time they also donated more than $1,600 to the event making Forest one of the top four sponsors of the walk.

Dr. David Mrad was featured on KTTS as he spoke about why Forest joined in on the walk.

We also learned one of our own students is a survivor of a childhood disease, which brought the cause of this walk much closer to home.

Jamie Bell says she is honored that the Give A Day program broke a volunteer record, and she hopes people will continue to participate in events throughout the school year.

Give A Day is a chance for students to give time to a local organization each month.

There are still a couple of opening to help serve at the Missouri Hotel in the beginning of December.

You can sign up for those dates in the Francis D. Jones Library.

Pictures from Give A Day at the St. Jude Walk are below.