Forest Students Share Internship Experiences

David Bauman and Bridget Beachy describe their predoctoral internship opportunities and Post-Doctoral Plans

Currently, we are at HealthPoint (A Community Health Center; in Seattle, WA completing our predoctoral internships.  HealthPoint is unique in that it is one of a few internships that offers specific exposure to primary care psychology or the Primary Care Behavioral Health model.  The Primary Care Concentration at Forest teaches this model (and is employed at The Kitchen Medical Clinic), so it was definitely fantastic to land an internship such as this. 

Through contacts at HealthPoint, we were able to interview and accept post-doc fellowship positions.  We have been hired to be behavioral health consultants at Community Health of Central Washington (, and will be aiding the Central Washington Family Medicine Residency Program in Yakima, WA.  

Kirk Strosahl, one of the co-founders of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and the PCBH model, is currently the lone psychologist at the clinic and will be providing us with supervision during our post-doc year.  Needless to say, we are very, very excited about the possibility to work with Kirk and receive supervision from him.  Bridget and I will both be alongside and helping train medical residents about behavioral health interventions and concerns.  We will also help expand the behavioral health program through initiatives, research projects and training programs.