Forest Students Present Posters at MOPA Conference

Forest Institute was well represented in the poster session at the Missouri Psychological Association Conference June 7-8 in Osage Beach.


Lauren Albinson, Megan Marsh

Chris David,

Savannah Kraft

Dana Christian, Selena Baxter, Nicole Osborn -
The Association Between Childhood Animal Cruelty and Future Deviant Behaviors In Convicted Criminals

 Officer Involved Domestic Violence In The United States: Why Does it Happen and What Can We Do About It?

Risk Factors for Childhood Fire Setting: A Detailed Look Into Recidivism and Specific Treatment Methods
Kristine McCaslin
Drug Court Treatment Programs: Framework and Effectiveness
Jolyn Pinamonti
Using Music Therapy with Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders:The Effects on Social and Emotional Understanding
Jessica Wood

Amber Marcucci

Valerie Hooper & Blythe Rolow
Assessment, Prediction, and Intervention with Juvenile Sex Offenders
Valerie Hooper & Chelsie Black:
What's Gender Have To Do With It? A Review of the Literature on Conduct Disorder
Valerie Hooper & Jennifer Ritchie
Family Therapy as Treatment for Substance Abuse for Adolescents: A comparison of Family-Based Treatments


Breanna Bussel and Shelby Perkins

Brent Huber and Jordan Calloway - Caring for the Mental Health of Our Aging Population: Are Psychologists Ready?

Lindsay Vo and Jennifer Halpin - Casual Sex: Differentiating Between "Booty-Call" relationships and "One-Night Stands"

David Bauman and Bridget Beachy - Behavioral Health Solutions for Tobacco/Smoking Cessation in Primary Care.

Maranda Upton and Tabby Carwile

Lauren Albinson and Megan Marsh - I Can't Get No...(Sexual Satisfaction)