The Civility Blogs

Every two weeks we will add another tenet to our blog. Each is written from a personal perspective to give you a better idea of how these can be applied in our everyday lives. We hope you enjoy what our faculty, staff, and students have to say about Civility.

Be Attentive
Live with awareness towards others and your surroundings.

By: Leslie Bailey, Robert J. Murney Clinic Manager

Acknowledge Others
Greet people, ideas and values with respect.

By: Dr. AnnElise Parkhurst

Be Inclusive
Recognize and welcome all people every day.

By: Dr. Brad Powers

Speak Out With Courage
Express yourself with honor and conviction.

By: Will Carter, Web Communications

Respect Other Views
Respond to different opinions with a fair and open mind.

By: Dr. David Mrad

Seek to understand by concentrating on what people say.

By Dr. Michael Leftwich, Dean of Doctoral Program

Act with Compassion
Treat others with kindness and honesty.

By: Kimberly Ramacciotti, Masters Programs Advisor