Forest Alumnus Elected to National Academies of Practice

Dr. Andrew BerryYou might say 2007 Forest graduate Dr. Andrew Berry is on the fast track.  Since his time at Forest, he became the first person to complete ABPP board certification through the organization's early entry program.  Now, you can add his delegation to the National Academies of Practice to that.

"It’s a rush and very humbling to be asked to be a part of this,” said Dr. Berry.

Berry was approached by Dr. Howard Cohen at last year's APA convention where the discussion started.  A few months later Cohen nominated Berry, and he was elected into the organization.

The National Academies of Practice acts as a group of advisors to health care policy makers in Washington.

The organization meets yearly to discuss a topic of public policy of which it crafts statements about its view of the matter, which is later circulated to Congress and other government bodies.

"It’s a chance to be heard in Washington by the people who run things," said Dr. Berry.

Berry currently practices at the Post Graduate Center for Mental Health in New York City, and is also working toward his board certification in psychoanalysis and counseling.  He says being part of the National Academies of Practice will allow him to broaden his goals and abilities on a much larger scale.

"My big thing is psychoanalysis.  That’s more of my calling and strength, but if all I did was 100% psychoanalysis all the time, I would be shutting so many doors and closing out so many other aspects," said Dr. Berry.

When asked if there was anything he hoped to change by being part of the organization, Berry answered saying, "Everybody’s got a cause they want to advocate for.  In addition to trying to unsnarl the healthcare mess we are in the middle of, I would like to, if the opportunity presents itself, to advocate for veterans, for psychoanalysis, and any other number of causes.”

Berry, his wife, and their daughter all reside in New York City.

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