Case Manager (BCBA)

Company Name: Center for Autism and Related Disorders, inc.

*Description of Job and Duties: ORGANIZATION The Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc. (CARD) is among the world’s largest and most experienced organizations effectively treating children with autism and related disorders. With US and international reach, CARD touches the lives of hundreds of children and their families. Through a network of trained therapists, supervisors, and researchers, we develop and implement quality, comprehensive, and personalized treatment programs which may lead to success, and in many cases recovery.

CARD was started in 1990 by renowned psychologist and early researcher of autism, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh. She designed a unique treatment curriculum based on the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) method and built an organization of dedicated and trained staff.Currently CARD has 24 US-based offices serving in the following states: California, Texas, New York, Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts and Virginia; and one international offices in New Zealand. CARD’s goal is to become the worldwide leader of top-quality autism treatments.



CARD is hiring qualified Case Managers to assist with the design and implementation of ABA treatment programs for children with autism in multiple locations. The Case Manager will supervise a treatment team of therapists in setting up ABA programs.

Case Managers supervise the treatment team assigned to each client’s case to help ensure that CARD provides top-quality client service. The Case Manager will assist with reports and other supervisory responsibilities as is appropriate and necessary based on the client service contract. The Case Manager track has two phases:

Phase I Training Phase. In addition to the Case Manager's main role of supervising a treatment team, in Phase I, Case Managers will also participate in face to face and online training on CARD's ABA method. The end of the training phase will end with two written exams on the ABA method; one after the completion of the face-to-face training and one after the completion of the online training component.

Phase IIPracticum / Co-Supervision. In Phase II, having increased their knowledge of the ABA method, Case Managers will increase their supervision of the treatment teams in the practicum and co-supervision phases.

Case Managers will be assigned a Supervisor mentor who will be available for questions regarding their implementation of the ABA method on a quarterly basis. At the end of approximately 300 training hours or 5 months maximum, Case Managers will take oral examinations for promotion to the position of Supervisor. This position is a salaried, exempt, full-time position.



• Lead, supervise and mentor treatment team of therapists.

• Exercise discretion and independent judgment in the management of client services and supervision of treatment team based on CARD policies & procedures.

• Set and achieve performance goals with client, client guardian, and treatment teams.

• Prepare and review quarterly performance evaluations of treatment team, including recommendations as to advancement or other changes in status.

• Hold quarterly coaching sessions for treatment team.

• Handle treatment team complaints and grievances.

• Assist with training of staff.

• Determine techniques to be used in implementation of terms of any treatment contracts CARD has with outside agencies; ensure 100% contract fulfillment for assigned clients; based on this, supervise Office Administrative staff with regards to appropriate meetings and therapy times

• Implement and represent CARD policy enthusiastically.

• Represent CARD professionally and ethically to internal and external stakeholders.

• Conduct initial and on-going client assessments, and based on these assessments, design and maintain top quality treatment programs.

• Conduct program design functions during regularly scheduled client meetings.

• Help implement CARD treatment models such as the CARD Curriculum©.

• Oversee and maintain accurate and organized client notes, data, and reports for internal and external stakeholders.

• Prepare for and attend client educational meetings (Individual Education Plan meetings, IPPs, IFSP, ARC) and develop treatment recommendations.

• Train clients’ guardians and family members on treatment techniques; maintain positive working relationship with clients’ family; respond to guardian questions in timely and professional manner; minimize cancellations of scheduled sessions.

• Track and report time spent in direct contact with clients and time spent preparing documents, reports, and other materials related to clients.

• Maintain minimum billable client treatment requirements (100 billable hours per month).

• Work cooperatively and courteously with internal staff and outside stakeholders including school personnel/administration, outside service providers, regional center personnel, and other agency personnel.

• Maintain client privacy in accordance with CARD policy.

• Attend required trainings and meetings including bi-annual retreat.


• Minimum of two years of experience providing Applied Behavior Analysis treatment to children with autism

• BCBA® Certified - MUST be a current Board Certified Behavior Analyst®

• Demonstrated knowledge of ABA treatment techniques and treatment program designs for children of varying skill levels

• Proven people-management skills

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

• Excellent administrative skills

• Key Characteristics: Professional, organized, creative, motivating, goal-driven



• Competitive salary based on experience

• Paid travel time, training time, and office time

• Exceptional paid training program

• Opportunities to work on research and development projects

• Qualified employees earn medical/dental insurance, 401k, supplemental insurance, life insurance, medical savings plan

• Opportunities for advancement

• US & international travel opportunities

• Qualified full-time employees earn paid vacation, sick and holiday pay


*Contact Name: Kelly Soulies

*Contact Phone: 818 345 2345 x323

*Contact Email Address: k.soulies@centerforautism.comContact Address:

Special Instructions for Applying: Please submit resume and cover letter to:

Kelly Soulies