Settling back in...


So, I have almost two full weeks of classes under my belt in this spring semester and it's been pretty good thus far. I find that I've been a bit slow to get back into the groove of going to class and then coming home to do reading, but I'm keeping on top of it. I'm actually taking a little study break right now, putting aside my neuroscience textbook to write this post.

Things are starting to pick up around here. In addition to classes, some of the student groups that I am involved with are starting up with meetings in the upcoming weeks. Mil. Psy. (the Military Psychology group) and the Psychoanalytic Student Group are having meetings at the end of this month and the Primary Care Psychology Student Group and MedFT (Medical Family Therapy group) are meeting in the early days of February.  I'm looking forward to planning community outreach and social activities, kicking around research ideas and seeing who is getting projects ready for different conferences. I am actually waiting to see if a project that I worked on is going to be accepted to a conference poster session, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

As far as our cohort gatherings, we are back to our weekly dinners and Wednesday night rock climbing. Dinners have changed to Tuesday in an effort to get some more people out and it seems to be working.  For me, it is soooo important that we stay close and really get to know each other.  Being so far away from my family, the people here have become my family and I need those weekly dinners to keep me sane. It's just some much needed, regular down time with my people. 

Last night we were out enjoying milkshakes after rock climbing and my friend Brooke said that we have to be a family.  A Forest family. I asked her why and she told me that when we say "Forest Friends" it sounds like we're woodland creatures frolicking through nature.  So, a "Forest Family" we shall be!

And we will all live happily ever after.