First Internship Application Meeting


A few days ago, we gathered and met with Dr. Mrad (the current Director of Clinical Training), Dr. DeMeir (the future Director of Clinical Training) and Dr. Gremminger (Forest Alum and Internship Application Process Consultant) for our first meeting about internship application. We talked about readiness for application, upcoming meetings, deadlines and expenses. All of this talk has brought an insane flood of crazy emotions for my friends and me!!! It’s exciting, it’s overwhelming, it’s ungodly anxiety provoking… Really it’s EVERYTHING you could possibly think of and then more, so much more. I found myself pumped to get to show off my strengths, but then panicked that I haven’t done enough to this point.

So, here’s my advice for everyone just starting out in this program: GET BUSY NOW!!! With just a few short months left before those application deadlines, you don’t want to be updating (or just beginning to craft) your vita and finding that you don’t have any presentations, professional activities or community service experiences to list.

            I know that so often we hide behind the title of "Student,” but the reality is, we’re professionals in training. I’m not saying we shouldn’t study and do our work and fully focus on and engage in school, but we should also be acting like professionals, engaging in the field and operating independently in whatever ways we can.  Take ownership of your career. Find opportunities that match your interest areas. Stand up and find ways to stand out. This is one of those times in life when less is definitely not going to be more.

            How do you do this? First, talk to students ahead of you in the program who share your interests. These people have been my number one resource for things like job or volunteer opportunities, research collaboration and professional development information. It sounds scary if you don’t know anyone ahead of you, but really it isn’t. People have been so open and kind to me throughout my stay here and Forest, because someone was open and kind to them. There is that pay-it-forward mentality amongst our student body. So try and tap in to some of the wisdom and advice in the building.

            I’d also suggest joining a professional organization in your interest area or at least a listserv or two. I’ve found it really interesting to see what people out practicing are talking about, asking each other about and struggling with. It helps to make all of that book learning we’ve been doing come alive in the practical sense.

            You’ll probably be hearing about the internship application process quite a bit from me here on this blog, so get used to it! If there are aspects you’d like to see me discuss or things you want to know more about feel free to ask! I’m here to help!