Why Forest?

Learn more about why Forest Institute is the right place below, but first listen to why our students chose Forest.

More reasons why you should choose Forest.

The faculty at Forest are highly qualified professionals with seasoned expertise, including but not limited to the following areas of practice: neuropsychology, primary care psychology, marriage and family therapy, counseling psychology, forensic psychology, child and adolescent psychology, and applied behavior analysis. Our faculty won’t just teach you in the classroom, they will guide you through hands-on practicum where you will learn to apply the science of psychology. Students have the opportunity to learn from both expert core and adjunct faculty practitioners with experience in a variety of clinical settings relevant to today’s psychological marketplace.

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Forest Institute operates the Robert J. Murney Clinic that not only provides training experiences for our students but also quality mental health services to the community, especially to underserved populations. The Murney Clinic employs sophisticated digital technology to monitor client progress and support meaningful supervisory experiences for students with a broad range of clients from diverse backgrounds and with a wide range of metal health needs.

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Forest Institute is conveniently located in the heart of America’s Midwest with locations in Springfield and St. Louis, Missouri. Our main campus in Springfield sits in the Missouri Ozarks, where you get a small town feel with all of the big city amenities. Springfield is home to the Springfield Cardinals baseball team and is surrounded by gorgeous lakes, recreation areas, sports complexes, and shopping. Just 30 minutes away is Branson, Missouri where you will find even more entertainment venues, shopping, and theme parks.

Our St. Louis site is in gorgeous Creve Coeur, a vibrant and eclectic suburb to the Gateway of the Midwest. St. Louis is home to dozens of attractions including Busch Stadium, Cardinals Baseball, Six Flags, and of course the Arch.

We believe that our approach is different and we believe that different is good. Informed by a deep commitment to science, Forest’s programs follow the practitioner-scholar training model which integrates theory and practice, and prepares competent clinicians for practice in the real-world. We offer a supportive learning environment that respects both individual differences and cultural diversity while affirming a sense of shared community.

If you want a school that provides service to others, close faculty relationships and a community of scholars, you will appreciate the difference that is Forest.