Research Award

Description: Award to support proposed or ongoing research project.


Renewable: Yes


Application Deadline: July 23, 2012


Amount of Award: Up to $1,000 per award


Advanced standing, defined as students who, by the end of the Summer 2012 semester, have had two consecutive terms at full-time enrollment; i.e., 9+ credit hours per semester, since matriculating to Forest.

Criteria for Selection:

  1. Competency in conducting research and potential for leadership in that area.
  2. Academic performance while enrolled at Forest.
  3. Financial need.
  4. Preference may be given to students enrolled in the doctoral program in clinical psychology.

Materials Required for Consideration:

  1. Completed FEETS Application Form;
  2. Vita;
  3. Description of project for which student wishes funds to be applied. An approved thesis or doctoral project proposal will satisfy this requirement. In lieu of this, the student must submit a 400+ word essay describing the project.
  4. List of costs incurred or expected, including, but not limited to, consumable supplies, mileage related to study administration, and/or items intended as thank-you gifts for participants. Durable goods, e.g., equipment, test kits, etc., remain the property of Forest Institute and must be returned at the conclusion of the study. Students who have previously received a Research Award must clearly indicate in their cost statement the distinct purpose of the requested funds or their application will not be reviewed. The faculty sponsor for the research project must sign off on the cost statement.
  5. One letter of recommendation from a person familiar with applicant’s competency in the domain of Research and Evaluation.
  6. Documented financial eligibility for federal student aid; i.e., submission of FAFSA.