Founded in 1979, Forest Institute was a private, not-for-profit institution of higher education dedicated to providing high-quality professional education and community service with courage and compassion. The educational mission was to be a national leader in the education and training of culturally competent practitioners in the behavioral sciences and human service professions. The educational programs at Forest were uniquely responsive to scientific advances and developments in service fields. To accomplish the educational mission, Forest promoted a student-centered learning environment that embraced individual and cultural differences. The community service mission of Forest Institute was to enhance quality of life. To accomplish this mission, students worked closely with faculty to identify local need and provide valuable services for diverse members of the community.

Forest Institute also operated the Robert J. Murney Clinic which provided training experiences for our students and interns, as well as quality mental health services to the community, especially to underserved populations. The Murney Clinic employed sophisticated digital technology to monitor client progress and supported meaningful supervisory experiences for students with a broad range of clients from diverse backgrounds and with a wide range of metal health needs.

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